5-Day Workshop

Berlin September 19-23rd, 2022

Please join Nearest Truth Workshops as we present eminent Swedish artist Martin Bogren in Berlin for a special 5-day workshop exploring contemporary image-making. Bogren’s work is heavily steeped in an indeterminable atmosphere. His photographs suggest an element of dissolution found at the heart of a potential collapse. He offers suggestions to reason but does not command it from the viewer.

“It is man's natural sickness to believe that he possesses the truth.”

-Blaise Pascal

When approaching the photographic medium, we seek to reconcile our uncertainty of the world with our interrogation of its parts. We must understand the world as limited to suggestion and projection. We are left with the experience of one, the subjective aggregation of all our experiences. This is what our photographs represent.

This workshop will concentrate on the subjective nature of photographs. It will explore the conditional and participants will be asked to dig inside themselves and route out what is at the base of their desire to produce images. Emphasis will be placed on Berlin as a subject, but the true caliber of this workshop will be the assessment of the internal. Participants will be expected to find a language of the interior.

This workshop will also visit the Michael Schmidt archive in Berlin and will be headed by noted Curator Thomas Weski.

Digital images are preferable for the sake of time. Participants will also be asked to show their projected work on the evening of the 23rd at Bildband Berlin.

This workshop is strictly limited to 13 seats.

The Price is 735 Euros for the first ten seats and 800 thereafter for the last 3 seats.

The workshop does not include accommodation or food. Nearest Truth Photobook Workshop participants and Annual (not monthly) Patreon subscribers are welcome to a 10% discount for this workshop. There is no need to follow the application process for NTPBW or Patreon members. You are granted access without review of work. Simply send us an email.

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Martin Bogren (born 1967) is a Swedish documentary photographer, living in Malmö. He has made "understated books full of quietly observed moments shot in grainy black and white."

Bogren has had solo exhibitions of Lowlands and Italia at Fotografiska in Stockholm, Sweden, and of Ocean at Blue Sky Gallery in Portland, Oregon. Lowlands has also been shown in group exhibitions at Moderna Museet Malmö and Moderna Museet, Stockholm. His work is held in the collections of Fotografiska and of Portland Art Museum.