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Lisbon 5-Day Workshop

September 26-30th

575 Euros

Nearest truth Workshops is proud to present German artist Tobias Zielony for a 5-day workshop in Lisbon Portugal this September.

Zielony is a world-renown artist who has exhibited internationally and participated at the Venice Biennale. Known largely for his socially concerned portraiture, Zielony often collaborates with writers and his subjects to inform his overall bodies of work. His photobooks, Vele, Jenny Jenny, Manitoba, Trona, and his multi-volume set The Fall published recently by Spector Books explore the role of the artist to community focusing on the restlessness of youth culture and the economic, social, and pressures of ostracization they encounter in places like Kyiv, Berlin, Vienna.

The workshop will be an exploration of strategies. Participants will be expected to consider place and portraiture in an inclusive manner and will be encouraged to navigate the territory of Lisbon and its citizens with respect and curiosity. Participants will be expected to avoid ethical traps and to extend their practice through interaction with place and the people of Lisbon. Zielony and Nearest Truth Workshop’s  founder Brad Feuerhelm will work with participants to encourage their development.

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Tobias Zielony is known for his photographic depictions of young people living on the fringes of affluent societies and social acceptance. For the past 20 years, Zielony has focused on suburban milieus that, from Canada to England, Ukraine, Israel, and Japan, have in common that they have fallen out of the promises of modernity's progress and are establishing a temporary life in their own cultural niches. What goes hand in hand with melancholy at the same time reveals a great human tenderness in the cohesion of precarious communities, which Zielony approaches and gives the space to stage themselves. In the process, Zielony's critical approach to documentary manifests itself in a specific aesthetic and relationship to fiction. His numerous institutional exhibitions include the German Pavilion in Venice 2015. Tobias Zielony is a professor in Hamburg since 2022.


Brad Feuerhelm is the director of Nearest Truth and Nearest Truth Workshops. He is also the editor of American Suburb X. He has published numerous articles in international photography periodicals and has contributed text to numerous artist's books by artists including Rita Lino, Bruno V Roels, Charles Johnstone, Olivier Pin-Fat, Inka & Niklas, Mark Templeton, Melinda Gibson, and Anouk Kruithof. His photographic books have been published by Self Publish Be Happy, The Archive of Modern Conflict, Paralaxe Editions, CHACO, MACK, and Witty Books.