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Nearest Truth is a conversation/podcast platform initiated by Brad Feuerhelm in 2020. In 2021, it has grown to include workshops and educational modules for photography. We are responsible for the Nearest Truth workshops. These workshops will take place 3-4 times a year.


The Overview

The Nearest Truth workshops give participants an intense experience with four different photographic instructors and adjunct reviewers. These workshops are six days long. All workshop instructors will be available to participants in equal amounts of time. Every participant will have access to each of the four instructors and will have options to have their work reviewed by a supporting team. We will provide a detailed schedule to accepted participants ahead of the workshop. 

The Lead-Up

Five weeks before the workshop starts, the organizers will hold a once-a-week series of Zoom calls with the participants. We will look at work through shared docs and get to know one another. In these calls, we will discuss the workshop and the city it will be held in. Most of our workshops will commence in Athens, Greece. The primary instructors will join the final Zoom session before the physical workshop begins. This one-time Zoom call with the primary instructors will serve as an introduction. We will use this session to meet and become acquainted with each other preliminarily. 

Aims /Themes 

The themes and conceptual framework of each workshop will differ slightly. The primary instructors have been chosen in accordance to their work and how their practice relates to one another. The main focus of the workshops is to work with the instructors to develop existing or new work. Participants may participate in the workshops with a current body of work or produce new work. Participants are expected to shoot and create new images during the workshop. 


Athens is a brilliant city full of nooks and crannies, unusual topography and it is full of people, history and lies adjacent to a beautiful stretch of sea. We have a working knowledge of the city and we are happy to impart any wisdom about it ahead of and during the workshop. The workshops will also have residents on staff to help you with practical matters. Depending on the instructor, you may wish to photograph with them in the city or on your own. Though there is a tourist part of the city, plenty of other locations are available that run the gamut from rugged to resplendent. Fundamentally speaking, Athens is very safe. If you leave a camera bag unattended, you have a 50/50 chance of getting it back, but hopefully, you aren’t that kind of photographer. Watch wallets etc., on trains or in busy squares, and let common sense guide you.


The price quoted is for the workshop only. Participants must pay for their travel, accommodation, and associated costs.


Refunds will be available up until three months before the workshop event. After this point, we will not be able to issue refunds due to the costs associated. In the event of a refund will deduct a 25% surcharge from the full ticket price that is non-refundable as it will be necessary to accommodate expenses already incurred. However, if you need to cancel and we can fill the seat at the full price from a waiting list, we will refund the FULL fee back to you. We will help to do everything in our power to accommodate the sale of the open seat. The 25% non-refundable fee is necessary for the maintenance of the workshop. Though we understand things are patchy, we will need to commit to several different factors such as venue rental and admin/staff fees that preclude being able to administer a full refund otherwise. We expect that barring death or a completely unforeseeable set of prohibitions that the workshop participants should be able to fulfill their financial and participatory obligations. We will also offer that the participant may “hold over” their place for a future workshop. We want to be flexible within reason and suggest these methods will be sufficient.

Cancellation of the Workshop

If the workshop has to be canceled for reasons outstanding, we reserve the right to re-book the workshop later. Re-booking is implicit with both students AND instructors. If an instructor Team has to cancel, we will reserve the right to re-book or move the date forward. Participants will be given the option to hold over their payments and seats for the new date, but should consider their ticket purchase as committed. The instructor team in this case will be expected to re-book with the organizer as soon as possible. All associated flights, fees, and bookings made by participants are their liability. We thoroughly suggest booking flights with refundable tickets and using a service like to find accommodations as they usually have bookings that reflect these possibilities.


These workshops are designed in a modular way to get instruction from each of the primary instructors. Most of the critiques will be group critiques. We will divided the classes into two groups and the instructors will rotate between the two with lectures about working methods and conceptual themes. There will be two days in which you will have direct “one-to-one “ access with each instructor for an allotted time in which you can speak directly with them about the work that you are creating or existing work that you want feedback about. It is your individual time. On hand will also be several other professionals who will also be there for committed feedback sessions. We will provide a more concise daily schedule to successful applicants. We are very excited to host you and the artist teams in Athens.

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