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David Campany
Nearest Truth Workshops

David Campany & Nearest Truth Three-Event Development Seminar/Workshop

June, September and December 2024


Intermediate Level



What is it?



A three-event workshop over the course of 2024 with eminent curator,

writer, and photographer David Campany and Nearest Truth’s Brad

Feuerhelm that will examine three different themes. Workshops may

be purchased in full or be attended by their parts. Most of the seats will

be held for those wishing to take all three workshops to build continuity

between participants.



The first workshop held in Athens in June of 2024 will examine the role

of photographs between the wall and the book, with an in-depth

conversation outlining how to approach each and how to think about

their crossover in preparing a body of work. We will work with existing

work from the participants. It will be held at Gallery IFAC Athina.



The second workshop will be held in Amsterdam during Unseen and will

concentrate on the role of the still and moving image. The arc of the

workshop will detail the development of both the cinematic and the

photographic and how to apply these elements to your work. We will

be incorporating assignments and will look at the literature and themes

surrounding the concept. Participants may bring existing work so long

as it fits the theme.



The third and final workshop will be a seminar on learning to write

about and around images. We will examine many different ways of

writing in relation to photography, to help participants to expand their

approach to their own work and the work of others. This workshop will

be help in Europe between December 16th and December 20th.  We will confirm the particulars by June. It will likely take place in Italy.

How does it work?


These workshops are to be thought of in continuity with each other.

Participants are encouraged to consider all three workshops. Each

individual workshop may be attended, but seats will be limited and held

for those wishing to choose the consecutive package.


Who is it for?

This program is for individuals who already have projects in

development or who are involved in photography at an intermediate

level. They will be expected to understand the root dynamics and

functions of photobooks, exhibitions, and will be expected to write

about their work. Participants should be in a place to be considering

exhibitions and publications.


University students or artist’s working outside of the academy are

welcome as are those who have been making work for an extended

period but have not shown work to date. Participants will be expected

to be familiar with the instructors as well as key basic concepts of the

production of work.






Where is it?


Workshop 1


June 20-24 Athens Between the Wall and the Page Editing and

curating work for book and exhibition.



This 5-day course will be held at IFAC Athens; the workshop will

encourage participants to bring work and see it edited for both the wall

and the photobook with David Campany and Nearest Truth’s Brad



We will discuss the differences between the exhibition and the book

and create strategies for participants to continue their projects in a

goal-oriented way. We will also be working on the wall of the gallery as

well as the table. You will be expected to bring work in progress that

can be hung on the wall: prints/images/objects. We suggest working

prints that can be handled roughly. Participants with 3d images,

sculpture etc. will be expected to present a solution for getting their

work to the gallery.



Workshop 2


September 19-22 (In Cooperation with Unseen, Amsterdam)

Photography and the Cinematic



A Photographic workshop exploring the relationship between

photography and cinema. This workshop will concentrate on making

work and a theoretical dive into the nexus between the two mediums.

Participants should expect to make work to be discussed within the

context of the two.


As curator for Unseen’s book market program, Nearest Truth will play a

key role in this workshop. The first day will be led by Brad Feuerhelm

and will incorporate assignments to get participants working as soon as

possible. David will join from Day Two to develop the theoretical

outlines of the topic. 


We will focus on the cinematic and there will be discussions during the fair that are open to the public. The workshop will be a shooting workshop with an emphasis on the dialog between the moving image and the still image. We will spend time watching film

in part as well as shooting and discussing the crossovers between the

two mediums.


Unseen is one of the staple autumn photography circuit outposts.

There will be quite a bit to do and see.



Workshop 3


Dec 16-20th 2024 Italy (TBC) Writing and Photography: From the

Artist’s statement to the Automatic, Observational, and Practical.



A Photographic workshop exploring the relationship between

photography and text. This 5-day workshop will concentrate on

preparing artists to deal with writing about their work with an emphasis

on exhibitions, but also texts for future books. There will be assignments to put artists into the mindset of writing about work. The participants will be expected to combine photographs with text and

write and read text that associates the image with text.


Price for all three workshops


Early Bird (Until April 30th)

3400 Euros + VAT


Between May 1-June 20th

3850 Euros +VAT




Individual Prices for Workshops

(no early-bird)



Workshop 1 


June 20-24 Athens Between the Wall and the Page: Editing

and curating work for book and exhibition.


1500 Euros + VAT Limited Seats



Workshop 2 


September 19-22 Photography and the Cinematic

(In Cooperation with Unseen,



1500 Euros + VAT Limited Seats



Workshop 3



Dec 16-20th 2024 Italy (TBC) Writing and Photography: From the Artist’s

Statement to the Automatic, Observational, and Practical.


1250 Euros + VAT


All travel, food and accommodation are to be covered by the

participant. Due to the nature of these workshops, participants are

expected to be in attendance. Cancellation once booked and paid is not

possible. Participants are expected to book their trips. We will provide the address of our meeting, but will not participate in travel suggestions, etc. outside of general info. In short, we trust you can manage your travel and arrangements.

To apply



Please send portfolio of 15-20 images, preferably of a series that you wish to work on with a drafted statement about with some context. Please do not send a statement over 500 words. Files should be in pdf or jpeg format no larger than 72 dpi and 1500 px wide.  We will let applicants know quickly of their inclusion. Invoicing will shortly follow.


Send an email to

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David Campany
David Campany
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